SN05: Death Vacation

by Death Vacation



This is an 8 track album including the tracks:

1. Blind Tongue
2. Cut Yourself Loose
3. Parallels
4. Fucking Bastards
5. Untitled
7.Running To / Running From
8. Object


released December 11, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Blind Tongue
Forced hand. Blind tongue. Shallow ears. Hymn sung. It was a soap box. It was a pedestal. The same empty promises. That made you feel incredible. It was a forced hand It was a blind tongue. It was your shallow ears. That kept you from hearing the hymn sung. As the hateful Rhetoric falls from your lips. Words seem so innocent. But act as the lock to this crypt. I stand divisionless.
Track Name: Cut Yourself Loose
I know change isn't welcome in that vessel of yours. It took me years to took the advice that I'm giving. Years of peeling away at the ability to think for yourself. Left you you with no confidence you'd find someone else. Try to pass it on. But it's no use. He's got you where he wants you. Between him. Your neck. And a noose. Only you can cut yourself loose.
Track Name: Parallels
I saw you I saw you I saw you. I saw you I saw you I did. First in that protest line. I think it was for human rights. Its hard for me to hear you
With your mouth filled with blood
a mass grave for a stomach. Identical to the ones you rage against. Filled with innocents. It doesn't make any fucking sense. Don't you see the parallels? Fighting for lives while digesting others. Fighting for children while calfs get ripped from mothers. Forced to live in a cage like those children are enslaved. And both are for your connivence
Track Name: Fucking Bastards
No resistance. No crime. The color of your skin will do just fine. No justice at all times. Gold badges excusing homicide. No gods. No masters. All cops are fucking bastards.
Track Name: Untitled
What do you care what I wear. What do you care what goes where. What do you care how I identify. Or how I don't. We all just want to cum. So why are you so effected. By how others get it done. Or how they don't. Boys kiss your boys. Girls kiss your girls. Shove it in their face. Show this fucking world. We all just want to cum.
Track Name: Biter
Listen for the blast beats and the screams. Not the lyrics or what they mean. You don't belong here. If that's what you think it's about. They provoked minds. Created change. What the fuck do you do. Besides mock and call names. A stage a mic. Standing up for what's fucking right. Discomfort. Dislike. Because you know they're fucking right. Biter.
Track Name: Running To / Running From
Neverthat bad. Never that good. Found something that made you feel the way you should. It beat being ignored. It beat finding your place. In a placeless society. Everyday You faced. So you shot it in your veins. Claimed it took away the pain. But tell me did your days. Get more or less mundane. What you ran to became what you were running from.
Track Name: Object
I'm not your baby. I'm not your sweetheart. I didn't dress this way for you. Look me in the eyes. Instead of determining my cupsize. Realize your actions objectify. Demonizing actions that provide satisfaction in ourselves. The choices we make. The clothing we wear. Choosing not to shave our body hair. It's hard to be happy. Let alone with yourself. But when it's achieved were looked at like we're in need of help. My body. My choice.